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PROJECT Unity Trail

The Unity Trail system doesn't just bridge communities but unites neighbors in a theater we believe more people should enjoy. Joining the communities of Slave Lake to Canyon Creek will give residents the ability to have an alternative route to travel; A route that is maintained, bridged, and patrolled by our club will eliminate some of the barriers generaly associated with travelling over land and off highway. So a carefree day on your side x side or ATV's with children will be accessible 365 days a year ! 



PROJECT Golden Triangle

This is one of our long-term goals and connecting communities is one of our top priorities. By joining our community to Swan Hills, residents  of both areas can travel from Fox Creek to Slave Lake uninterrupted by pavement and surrounded by nature. And again bridged, groomed, and patrolled to maximize safety and minimize environmental disruption.   



If you are a child of the late 70's early 80's you will remember the Slave Lake Mudbogs! What a fantastic event, and even though it hasn't been held in over 25 years, the people of Slave Lake still regularly talk about how AWESOME they were. Well we are here to bring that AWESOME back! Let's make this a Slave Lake tradition once again. 


PROJECT MotoX Track Revival ​

Here is a project that is near and dear to a lot of Slave Laker's hearts. The MotorX track has been the source of many smiles in the past. Our new team of Whitecap Warriors plan to whip our derelict track into a world class race track again where we will host a couple of annual races every year. Even if you're not a racer, it's a great way to spend time with family and friends watching amateurs to pro's compete for titles and bragging rights in the pits and individuals in surrounding communities.



As a not-for-profit society we know first-hand how challenging creating and funding a group like ours is.  For this reason we have chosen to work with all not-for-profit charities located in Slave Lake. For every fundraiser we put on we will donate a portion of the proceeds to a charity that is in need.

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